We specialise in facilitating the local customs handling and clearance procedures and the movement of cargo and merchandise to and from destinations around the world. With an international network of over 154 offices, we offer a full range of air, sea and road freight services from every major and most minor airport, seaport and cities around the world.
We are registered members of all Industry standard trade associations.


Our credo is as simple as it is convincing. It reads: There’s no such thing as ‘it can’t be done’!

For many years we have satisfied the needs of many established companies. They buy optimum transport and logistics solutions from us. If you are facing a production standstill or if you want to store goods for your online shop, we are the right partner at your side. We quickly, flexibly and reliably take care of the complete logistical handling of your nationwide and international transports – anything from general cargo to heavy load.

Niklas Arnoldi

I’m impressed with AAM Logistics. I have never seen a company handle large volumes for such long periods of time and still maintain their 99% service level. It’s a security zone in my job.

Mark Klähne

Wir sind alle total begeistert, wie schnell und unkompliziert AAM Logistics uns geholfen hat. Hier ist es gut, einen verlässlichen und engagierten Partner wie die AAM Logistics zu haben.

Robert Hofbauer

Eine derart sensationelle Treuhandservice gibt es nur noch sehr, sehr selten.Ich kenne kaum einen Versicherer, mit dem man solche Fälle so schnell und unkompliziert klären kann. Sensationell! Danke für den schönen BMW!!!

Antonio Giordano

IMejor equipo, mejor servicio, confianza 100%. ¡Gracias!

Our core values

The Values that Make Us your Shipping and Logistics Solution

We always follow through on our promise to offer unparalleled logistics services. Our partner carriers love working with us. And our clients never want to leave.

It all starts from respecting your needs and desires. That respect is born from our core values.


Before trusting a company with valuable freight, be sure the representatives are honest. Are they up front about cost? Are they telling the truth about delivery times? Do they have a history of following through on promises?

We’re a pleasure to work with because of our honest approach. We don’t lie about what we’re capable of – if we set a date or quote a price, you can expect us to stick to our word. And in the rare event your shipment gets slowed down, you’ll hear from us right away.

The best part about honesty? It doesn’t stop us from taking on difficult shipments. No matter the size of the freight or speed of the delivery, we’ll exceed your expectations.


No job is too big or small. We deliver your freight on time.

Our partner carriers specialize in just about every type of transportation. That means we’ll find you the safest and fastest shipping solutions.

It doesn’t matter where you’re shipping to, either. We don’t shy away from remote areas.

We haven’t said “no” to a job yet.


We’ll handle all your needs, even when you think they’re too difficult to handle.

We consistently exceed expectations. It’s thanks to our dedicated roster of partner carriers, who specialize in a variety of services.

Need hazardous material sent 2,000 kilometers away? We’ve got you covered. What about heavy freight shipped through the air or across an ocean? We’re up for that challenge, too. Of course, we’ll also gladly handle all your FTL and LTL shipments.

The right team to handle your cargo
we love what we do