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AAM Logistics – A new name for the number one
Over 50 years ago, a company called Circular Distributors launched United Kingdom’s first ever doordrop campaign, delivering free samples of soap powder to millions of GR households.
CD went on to become the leading name in its field, responsible for much of the pioneering ‘research and development’ of the doordrop medium.
Now, as part of a global re-branding programme CD has become AAM Logistics (Doordrop Media). We’re still the same team, with the same dedication to doordrop media, and the same ‘extra mile’ service ethic.
In fact, it’s very much business as usual. And it’s our business to deliver yours.
Customer Results

 John West gained 10.8% market share 190% sales uplift

 Oxo 6.3% increase in rate of sale

 Gillette 7 countries 25 million calls 25% opt in

 Nestle Snack Stops brand awareness up by 21%

 PG Tips recalled by 86%; 72% trial; 200,000 new customers


People pay more attention to door drops than they do to TV or press ads
17% take time over press ads
People tend to read papers for news and views more than anything else. In fact, 4 out of 5 say they tend to flick quickly over press ads.
32% take notice of TV ads
Awareness of TV ads is high and people tend to enjoy them for their entertainment value.
But it’s a medium that relies on repetition to make its mark.
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When questioned, 62% claimed they didn’t really take much notice of them.
74% glance at or read door drops
Door drops work on a different level and have far more impact than you might think. Whilst press and TV involve passive participation, door drops are more direct and demand attention. People have to pick them up and therefore become actively involved, giving your message a greater chance to cut-through.
Planning And Targeting

Next to direct mail, doordrop advertising is probably the most precise medium there is. You can tailor who your message goes to with extreme accuracy on a national or local basis.
Over the years, AAM Logistics have pioneered multi-layered targeting techniques and developed a number of ways to ensure you reach the right consumers, combining minimum wastage (lower cost) with maximum impact (higher response) in order to improve cost-effectiveness.
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To give you the best service, AAM Logistics has the largest Planning Department in the industry and our Account Teams provide all the strategic and operational control you need to ensure the best return on your doordrop investment.
Major geodemographic methods including MOSAIC, TGI, Tesco Clubcard and Microsector Targeting our own unique sub-postcode targeting system
Spend Targeting – with campaign planning based on Real People spending Real Money on Real Products
STORM – a system designed to optimize doordrop effectiveness through ongoing analysis of consumer response and frequency by doordrop method.

You’re accountable. And so are we.
Doordrops are one of the few media where you can actually measure the number of impacts achieved accurately, so every of every campaign can be monitored and assessed.
High quality is of vital importance so we carry out extensive backchecks and work closely with companies like Stepcheck, Frontdoor and Synergism to provide a distribution research and validation service that measures Read More

distribution efficiency and recall through doorstep and telephone interviews.
But it does not stop there. Every doordrop campaign is unique and many require specialist service and support. AAM Logistics’s solution lies in our unique package of extra services such as creative research and critiques, focus group research and telephone validation.
If you would like to find out more about doordrop research findings, case histories, client testimonials or industry information we offer you access to our extensive librar so please contact us.