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We combine intercontinental freight services with comprehensive Value-Added Logistics Services and Supply Chain Services. The range of Supply Chain Solutions can vary from simple transport or storage up to complex operations. We are a non asset based third party logistics company with offices in 5 continents.
We optimize all activities around information, material and financial flow. We provide globally integrated end-to-end solutions tailored to our customers’ supply chain management needs with a special commitment to industry specific requirements.
When looking to outsource all or part of a company’s logistics function it is important to look for a third party logistics provider with proven expertise. To put it simply, third party logistics or “3PL” is the integration of a company’s shipping, warehousing, distribution, transportation, and related logistics services through an outsourced or “third party” partnership. We provide our clients with powerful logistics solutions involving people, technology and location working together to provide integrated, full service supply chain management.
With comprehensive 3PL services; supply chain efficiency, customer satisfaction and brand value growth come together to benefit you. We bridge the gap between your goods and your customers.
We Specialize in designing efficient and cost effective logistics solutions customized to client’s specific needs. This allows you to focus on core competencies and receive a logistical advantage over the competition through the use of International 3PL’s professional third party logistics services.

Logistics – (business definition) Logistics is defined as a business planning framework for the management of material, service, information and capital flows. It includes the increasingly complex information, communication and control systems required in today’s business environment. — (Logistix Partners Oy, Helsinki, FI, 1996)

Logistics – (military definition) The science of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of forces…. those aspects of military operations that deal with the design and development, acquisition, storage, movement, distribution, maintenance, evacuation and disposition of material; movement, evacuation, and hospitalization of personnel; acquisition of construction, maintenance, operation and disposition of facilities; and acquisition of furnishing of services. — (JCS Pub 1-02 excerpt)

Logistics – The procurement, maintenance, distribution, and replacement of personnel and materiel. — (Websters Dictionary)

Logistics – 1. The branch of military operations that deals with the procurement, distribution, maintenance, and replacement of materiel and personnel. 2. The management of the details of an operation.

[French logistiques, from logistique, logic (perhaps influenced by loger, to quarter), from Medieval Latin logisticus, of calculation.] — (American Heritage Dictionary)

Logistics – …the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.” Note that this definition includes inbound, outbound, internal, and external movements, and return of materials for environmental purposes.

Logistics – The process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost effective flow and storage of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of meeting customer requirements.

The cost of the service can be paid by the Buyer, the Seller, or divided between them both. The Buyer and the Seller will come to an agreement, at the beginning of the transaction proceedings, on who will pay for the service. The Buyer is responsible for the payment when the goods are returned, without considering the person who had taken on the responsibility of the payment at the beginning of the transaction.

Yes, AAM Logistics offer sea freight and air freight services from origins across Asia to the Europe and Americas and can also arrange shipment to other destinations.

A Bill of Lading is a transport document issued in seafreight. It is a document normally required to be presented at destination to obtain the release of cargo.

Transport document for Airfreight. The Airwaybill (AWB) number and flight information enables tracking of your consignment.

Yes we have a varied customer base involved in all types of industries.

AAM Logistics operates Import and Export services on a worldwide basis.

Carriers terms and conditions can limit liability in the event of loss or damage. There is no guarantee of a recovery against a carrier for loss or damage to goods and if a recovery is successfully made it is frequently not for the full amount of the loss because the law sets limits on the compensation carriers are required to pay. Cargo insurance In these circumstances is, at the very least, desirable. AAM Logistics recommends goods are adequately covered by insurance.

Yes in most cases AAM Logistics can arrange insurance cover.

FCL = Full Container Load. LCL = Less than Container Load (see FCL/LCL).

The Inspection Period is the amount of time given to the Buyer (or Seller, if the goods are returned) to examine and value the goods received. The Inspection Period begins at 12:01 on the working day (Monday – Friday) after the goods have been received and continues for the number of working days agreed on by the Buyer and Seller. The Day the goods are received is established according to the consignment date indicated by the AAM Logistics – Shipping. Inspection period may vary between 3 and 15 days.

If the Buyer rejects the merchandise, the Seller is required to pay the return shipping fees.

AAM Logistics will pickup and deliver your package/vehicle at your specified locations (could be your residence, office, or any other location). The pickup and delivery is often performed by a flatbed truck but in some instances could be performed by our larger car transport truck. Our competitors may advertise door-to-door service but may not be able to truly provide you this service

Quite simply, you should use our Purchase Protection Program whenever you want a safe and inexpensive way to buy or sell online. Our prices are competitive with those offered by other online payment services, and we provide the added benefit of protection for both the buyer and seller.