Full Refund – Product warranty

How is the Buyer protected?
The Buyer is secured by the fact that the money does not go directly to the seller, but remains in an Purchase Protection Account, which is completely protected by our company, together with the insurance company.
The buyer benefits from a 7 days inspection period with the option to reject the product without any obligation.

30 days product warranty!

For all internet purchases the buyer has the right to a 30-day warranty on the product.
If during this warranty period a malfunction occurs that was not caused by the buyer, he will receive a full refund.
Our company bears the full liability (since the product was previously checked by our specialists).
The money paid by the buyer for the product will be refunded in full within 48 hours after the discovery of defects including the transfer costs.
How is the Seller protected?
Protection from our side – The seller is protected against theft, from damage to the product as well as the exchange of parts of the product.
Your payment is protected by our trust service. The payment will be sent to our company account. The payment is deposited in a trust account and held there until the transaction is completed. The funds are transferred to the seller after we have received the confirmation from the buyer that the vehicle is accepted.
A fee of 5% is charged on the product value for each transaction. This fees is paid only if the transaction is succesfully closed. Transport and transaction fees are only paid by the seller.