how does it work? Read all five steps below

Our trust service protects customers and sellers in online transactions. The buyer is protected because we do not release the funds to the seller until the buyer has received and accepted the vehicle.
The seller is protected because we ensure that the money has been entered into our company account before the vehicle is delivered to the buyer.




1. The buyer and seller agree to the terms and conditions Before the transaction is started, seller is obliged to inform the buyer about the conditions and all steps of the transaction. This includes the presentation of our company web site, which states that the buyer is carefully informed about how a transaction is conducted with our company and knows all the steps. In addition, the seller is obliged to inform the buyer of the following details: description of the goods, selling price, the number of days within which the buyer must have checked the goods as well as all information concerning the transport.
2. Package arrives at our location The Seller brings the package/ to one of our offices. After verifying the content of the package we start a new transaction.
We DO NOT deliver stolen or illegal merchandise! All packages are checked before a transaction is accepted!
When a Seller brings a package to one of our location, he must prove with legal documents (purchase invoice, bill of sale ..etc) that he is the rightful owner of that item.
*** For merchandise which require transfer of ownership (vehicles, boats, aircraft, high end items ..etc) our team will perform a documents and vehicle inspection:
– Legal check – We verify that all necessary documents are available to complete the registration/transfer of title process by the buyer before we accept the transaction.
– Vehicle inspection – Our team of highly qualified and trained inspectors will conduct a full vehicle inspection and a report will be made regarding the state of the vehicle.After our team performs all the necessary inspection, the new transaction is aproved and the merchandise is prepared for delivery.
At this point we contact the buyer and we confirm the merchandise is in our possession, ready for delivery, and we provide all the necessary transaction details (sender data, package info, shipping details, payment instructions).
3. Buyer sends payment and we start delivery Using the payment instructions provided, the Buyer completes the payment for the merchandise. After the payment is confirmed by the Buyer, we verify the payment and we start the delivery process to the Buyers shipping address. We can not start the delivery process without proof of payment.
This delivery and payment system was designed to protect both the buyer and the seller. Before we developed this system we used to have problems with certain customers. These customers declined the merchandise/vehicle without reason after it had arrived at their address. In this case, the seller loses money (transportation costs, tax payments) . By completing the payment, the buyer proves that he is genuinely interested in the purchase and guarantees he will not abused or damaged the merchandise during the 7 days inspection period.
This is why our Purchase Protection Program was developed, to ensure both the seller and the buyer are protected. We mediate your transaction to make sure that both parties are 100% safe
IMPORTANT: We do not forward the payment to the Seller! The payment will remain in our custody until the merchandise arrives at the Buyer and the inspection period is over! The money will be paid to the seller only if the buyer accepts the merchandise. The buyer has the possibility to cancel the transaction at any time during the test period .
4. Buyer receives the merchandise The Buyer has a set number of days for inspecting the merchandise and the option to accept or reject it. By default, all transactions have a 7 days inspection period (this can be modified at step 1).
If the buyer finds any kind of problems with the merchandise or if the merchandise is not as described by the Seller, the Buyer has the option to reject the merchandise.
*** The buyer has the option to complete the inspection of the merchandise/vehicle at any specialised service or by any authorised person.
5. The merchandise is accepted by the Buyer – We pay the Seller After the Inspection Period is over, if the merchandise is accepted by the Buyer, we forward the payment to the Seller.
The transaction is complete successfully!
*** If the Buyer is not satisfied, he must notify our agency of any problems with the merchandise at the end of the inspection period.
*** If the Buyer decides to reject the merchandise, we will send a full refund to the Buyer in maximum 3 working days (except for bank holidays).
A solution to most problems can usually be negotiated between the Buyer and Seller.