Delivering is our core competence. But it’s also our business strategy. In everything we do, we aim not only to deliver, but to deliver more: more service for our customers, more opportunities for our employees, more value for our shareholders and more benefits for our world. We want our operations and our people to be recognized as the industry benchmark for quality of service, efficiency and customer service.

AAM Logistics, provides the largest amount of online and ground services, shipping and handling and, the most important, lately we have introduced the “Safe Trade Protection Program” for online transactions where the Buyers dose not know the Seller. The online services are simple to use, but very important when dealing with long distance transactions, when the buyer can not inspect the merchandise for himself, nor the seller can protect himself from losing his products.

For AAM Logistics, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers is the measuring stick of our success. It begins by developing collaborative relationships with our customers, listening and understanding the changing requirements of their supply chains, and continually delivering transportation solutions that drive positive bottom-line results.

Boat Transport
Boat transport is a vital key to opening up the market when it comes to buying a new craft...
Motorcycle Transport
We specialise in the transportation of motorcycles; within the UK, to and from most countries in Europe ...
Auto Transport
We provides auto shipping services for a complete range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs...
Next to direct mail, doordrop advertising is probably the most precise medium there is. You can tailor who your message ...
We offer a service with a truly customer-focused approach, calling upon our extensive experience and the size...
Now with new PremierParcel and PremierPacket, AAM International offers home delivery services ...
RV Transport
AAM International has been moving RVs throughout the UK and all over the world. Serving vacationers, travelers, buyers
Heavy Transport
Our company provides a full range of services for oversized and heavy-weight cargo transportation...
Vehicle Storage
Our indoor vehicle storage site is at your disposal offering the finest standards in UK indoor car storage ...
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Our credo is as simple as it is convincing. It reads: There’s no such thing as ‘it can’t be done’!

For many years we have satisfied the needs of many established companies. They buy optimum transport and logistics solutions from us. If you are facing a production standstill or if you want to store goods for your online shop, we are the right partner at your side. We quickly, flexibly and reliably take care of the complete logistical handling of your nationwide and international transports – anything from general cargo to heavy load.

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AAM Logistics has become one of the most respected international freight forwarding organizations. Our goal is to simply become your preferred freight forwarder and to facilitate the movement of your cargo from its origin to its final destination.

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